Connecting people learning each other’s language
A tool developed by teachers for students to work with peers in complementary language classes, no matter how far away

Communication through LinguaeLive strengthens all four language skills.. motivation!

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Why Use Linguaelive?



helps you find complementary classes with whom your students can tandem.


is free and run by fellow teachers.


provides accountability. Collaborate globally to enrich your classroom locally.


is versatile. Customize it to your pedagogical and technological needs.

You and your students

make the final decision about language partners;

use your preferred communication method: VOIP (e.g. Skype, Google Hangouts), chat, e-mail, telephone, even letter writing!

may use the timing function to document the length of tandem sessions.

For e-tandems you will need


A Computer. For VOIP communication, the device needs a microphone and, ideally, a camera.


An Internet connection. Faster is better.


A Chat or VOIP program unless you decide to use email. Download programs for free from the Web. also features a Chat Board.

Work involved

Prior to the course

        Sign up. Send invitations to instructors of potential complementary courses. Organize the details with your partner.

During the course

        You can monitor student sessions with Session Reports.
        Want more detail? Watch the videos on the What Is... page